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Book Corner: Jim Lish

Jim Lish, '73, '82

"Winter's Hawk: Red-tails on the Southern Plains" by Jim Lish

Winter’s Hawk: Red-tails on the Southern Plains details the seasonal migration of red-tailed hawks on the southern Great Plains, an extraordinary event that can be best observed right here in Oklahoma.


Author Jim Lish, an associate professor of physiological sciences at Oklahoma State University’s Center for Veterinary Health Sciences and a professional biologist and ornithologist for more than 40 years, offers over 200 magnificent photos of red-tails, illustrating biodiversity within the region.


Along with an explanation of the red-tails’ crucial role in the state’s environment, readers can also learn about their biology, social behavior and much more in astounding detail and imagery.


Winter’s Hawk educates and moves readers to protect and admire these majestic birds so they’ll be around and thriving for generations to come.


Alongside 36 other books, Winter’s Hawk was selected as a finalist in the 2016 Oklahoma Book Award competition in the design/illustration/photography category.


Lish has also published various articles in scientific journals such as Proceedings of the Oklahoma Academy of SciencesThe Southwestern Naturalist, the Journal of Raptor Research and the Bulletin of the Oklahoma Ornithological Society.


Published by University of Oklahoma Press in September 2015, Winter’s Hawk can be found on and



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Uploaded on September 1, 2016