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In Memoriam - Don McClanen

FCA founder started ministry as OSU student

Mr. Henry P. 'Hank' Iba, Don and Gloria McClanen and OSU President Lawrence Boger meet at the Oklahoma State University FCA Plaza in 1978.

While a student at OSU from 1946 to 1950, Don McClanen was inspired by a dynamic idea. Recognizing the strong influence of athletes and coaches upon the lives of others, he envisioned a fellowship of athletes, dedicated to advancing Christianity through their vocations. It was this fundamental concept that led to the founding of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.


The FCA has grown over the years and today is widely recognized and respected for its mission of spreading the principles of Christianity to youth. To honor this outstanding organization, whose roots are deeply imbedded at Oklahoma State University, and its founder, the OSU Foundation Board of Governors dedicated FCA Plaza, October 13, 1978. 


McClanen died February 16, 2016 at the age of 91. His story was featured in the Spring 2009 STATE. Read more about his life



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