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In Memoriam/Passages Winter 2016

Earl McAnelly

Troylene Corley, ’43 home economics and community service, died on August 6, 2016, in Baltimore. She grew up in Oklahoma City, where she graduated from Capitol Hill High School in 1936. She was too poor to afford college, so she worked as a soda clerk for three years and in 1939 she was awarded a state senator’s college scholarship. In 1943, she became the first woman in her family to graduate from college. She took a job as a refinery technician and married Brad Thayer in 1944. The two lived in Tulsa for 50 years, raising four children. Troylene was proud of her years spent at home raising her family. She was active in Kirk of the Hills Presbyterian Church and enjoyed art and crafts and animal rescue causes.


Earl McAnelly, ’56 marketing, died on July 28, 2016, at age 84. He was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, on December 27, 1931, to Earl and Wanita McAnelly. He is survived by his wife of 62 years, Lucy; daughter, Linda Overfield (husband, Stephen, and son, Ryne); daughter, Susan Hawkins (husband, John, son, Sean, and daughter, Alyssa); and son, Michael McAnelly (daughter, Brittany, and son, Riley). He served in the Army for three years. Following his military service, he returned to Oklahoma A&M to finish his degree. He married Lucille Willis on April 3, 1954. Following his graduation, Earl began his career with Southwestern Bell Telephone Company, later AT&T, where he worked until his retirement in 1990.


James M. Schiltz, ’61 agriculture, died June 8, 2016, in Bryan, Texas, after a two-year battle with non-Hodgkin lymphoma. Following graduation from OSU, he and his wife, Frances Ronck, ’61 home economics, farmed and ranched near Ponca City, Oklahoma, until retirement in 1999. In addition to his wife, Frances, James is survived by his children, Barbara Burditt, ’84, biochemistry; David Schiltz, ’91, agriculture; Ann Burt, ’90, agricultural communications; and Karen Lepley, ’92, agricultural communications; three sons-in-law and 13 grandchildren.




The Oklahoma State University Alumni Association has received notice that the following graduates died between August 1, 2016, and October 31, 2016. Their college graduation year(s) and last place of residence are listed in Passages. Families may send biographies for Class Notes In Memoriam to the OSU Alumni Association, STATE Magazine, 201 ConocoPhillips OSU Alumni Center, Stillwater, OK 74078-7043.


Thurston, Pearl, ’30,

   Tulsa, Oklahoma

Alexander, Ellanore, ’38, ’40,

   Tulsa, Oklahoma

Messall, Sara M., ’41,

   Bartlesville, Oklahoma

Johnson, Mary, ’43,

   Perry, Oklahoma

Thayer, Troylene, ’43,

   Baltimore, Maryland

Sisson, Dorothy, ’45,

   Norman, Oklahoma

Armstrong, Neill, ’47,

   Trophy Club, Texas

Leonard Jr., Carl, ’47,

   Tulsa, Oklahoma

Clark, Billy, ’48,

   Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

Harper, Phyllis, ’48,

   Stillwater, Oklahoma

Honeycutt, Bruce, ’48,

   Guthrie, Oklahoma

Wilbanks Jr., Robert, ’48,

   Edmond, Oklahoma

Bailey, Betty, ’49,

   Tulsa, Oklahoma

Coltharp, John, ’49, ’56,

   Erick, Oklahoma

Gambrell, Ornald, ’49,

   Peyton, Oklahoma

Smith, Florine, ’49, ’75,

   Guthrie, Oklahoma

Bergen, Zane, ’50, ’57, ’70,

   Weatherford, Oklahoma

Dawkins, Gerald, ’50, ’62,

   Midwest City, Oklahoma

Fairless, Ollie, ’50, ’51, ’53,

   Edmond, Oklahoma

King, Beulah, ’50,

   Hugo, Oklahoma

Lamle, Roland, ’50,

   Okeene, Oklahoma

Moore Jr., William, ’50,

   Madill, Oklahoma

Sullivan, LM, ’50, ’52, ’68,

   Edmond, Oklahoma

Wamsley, Stuart, ’50,

   Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

Campbell, Clyde, ’51,

   Helena, Oklahoma

Conrad, Sue, ’51, ’70,

   Oklahoma City

Lemon, Bob, ’51, ’54,

   Oklahoma City

Maguire, Joe, ’51,

   Purcell, Oklahoma

Sewell, Jan, ’51,

   Newkirk, Oklahoma

Treadwell, Bob, ’51, ’70,

   Snyder, Oklahoma

Alcott, James, ’52, ’56,

   Wayzata, Minnesota

Herod, Robert, ’52,

   Tulsa, Oklahoma

Pipps, Elmo, ’52,

   Shawnee, Oklahoma

Bain Sr., Ruel, ’53, ’58,

   Antlers, Oklahoma

Cole, Mary, ’53,

   Lakeview, Ohio

Walton, John, ’53,

   Tulsa, Oklahoma

Hewitt, Jack, ’54,

   Norman, Oklahoma

Howard, Jerry, ’54,

   Ada, Oklahoma

Will, Jimmy, ’54,

   Loganville, Georgia

Carmichael, Bill, ’55,

   Ponca City, Oklahoma

Stratton, Louie, ’55,

   Cookson, Oklahoma

Wagner, Carolyn Lipe, ’55,

   Tulsa, Oklahoma

Wiggs, Jimmy, ’55,

   Huntsville, Alabama

Selmat, Nevaleen, 56, ’61, ’90,

   Wakita, Oklahoma

Weaver, Kathy, ’56,

   Highland, Michigan

Braden, Richard, ’57,

   Stroud, Oklahoma

Dickson, David, ’57,

   Muskogee, Oklahoma

Evans, Vonda, ’57,

   Tulsa, Oklahoma

Hamilton, John, ’57,

   Bryan, Texas

McKeown, Jerry, ’57,

   Billings, Oklahoma

Platt, Charles, ’57,

   Tulsa, Oklahoma

Campbell, Shirley, ’58,

   Ponca City, Oklahoma

Colwell, Kelly, ’58,

   Leeton, Missouri

Taylor, Utahna, ’58,

   Colleyville, Texas

Whitlock Jr., Boyd, ’58, ’62,

   Fayetteville, Arkansas

Barton, William, ’59,

   Oklahoma City

Curl, Sam, ’59, ’61, ’63,

   Granbury, Texas

Brintnall, Dean, ’60,

   Kiowa, Kansas

Davis, George, ’60,

   Oklahoma City

Hopkins, Chuck, ’60, ’69, ’70,

   Stillwater, Oklahoma

Seymour, Herman, ’60,

   Lexington, Oklahoma

Love, Rodney, ’61,

   Comanche, Oklahoma

Harris, Carl, ’62,

   Oklahoma City

Miller, Steve, ’62, ’63, ’67,

   Stillwater, Oklahoma

Rotter, Bill, ’62,

   Perry, Oklahoma

Berg, Ernest, ’64,

   Katy, Texas

Ebey Jr., Jacob, ’64,

   Norman, Oklahoma

LeMonnier, Sandra, ’64,

   Ponca City, Oklahoma

McCreary, Al, ’64,

   Tulsa, Oklahoma

Mueller, Nelson, ’64, ’75,

   Sulphur, Oklahoma

Seidle, Hazel, ’64,

   Tulsa, Oklahoma

Sherrill Jr., George, ’64, ’66,’70,

   Duncan, Oklahoma

Edwards, Larry, ’65,

   Sherman, Texas

Goodbary, Al, ’65, ’76,

   Edmond, Oklahoma

Hawthorne, Kester, ’65, ’67,

   Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Trail, Ann, ’65, ’68,

   Dekalb, Illinois

Inda, John, ’66,

   Shawnee, Oklahoma

McKown, Judy, ’66,

   Norman, Oklahoma

Mendenhall, Bruce, ’66,

   Oklahoma City

Staiger, Jacqueline, ’66, ’82, ’00,

   Tahlequah, Oklahoma

Treat, Mary, ’66,

   Perkins, Oklahoma

Howard, Paul, ’67, ’70,

   Tulsa, Oklahoma

Woodward, Jay, ’67,

   Lawton, Oklahoma

Thompson, Richard, ’68, ’69, ’74,

   Kansas City, Missouri

Bayhylle, Neill, ’69,

   Roland, Oklahoma

Crosslin, Alvon, ’69, ’71,

   Tahlequah, Oklahoma

McDonald, Jeanie, ’69,

   Stillwater, Oklahoma

Haidary, Haidar, ’70,

   Stillwater, Oklahoma

King, Reta, ’70,

   Ponca City, Oklahoma

Lay, Thomas, ’70,

   Oklahoma City

Roberson, Bobby, ’70,

   Harrah, Oklahoma

Field, Ruth Ann, ’71,

   Tulsa, Oklahoma

Gamble, Jo, ’71,

   Nichols Hills, Oklahoma

Mornhinweg, Rick, ’71,

   Stillwater, Oklahoma

Couch, Beverly, ’72,

   Oklahoma City

Downs, Jim, ’73, ’74,

   Bixby, Oklahoma

Epperson, Paul, ’73,

   Shawnee, Oklahoma

Danel, Richard, ’74,

   Stillwater, Oklahoma

LeGrand, Cora, ’76, ’78, ’92,

   Stillwater, Oklahoma

Morgan, Gregor, ’76, ’88,

   Stillwater, Oklahoma

Sparks, David, ’76,

   Porum, Oklahoma

Walton Jr., Brooks, ’76,

   Tulsa, Oklahoma

Heinen, Michael, ’77,

   Tulsa, Oklahoma

Cravello, Nadine, ’78,

   Tulsa, Oklahoma

Gay, Bryan, ’78,

   Edmond, Oklahoma

Copeland Jr., Thomas, ’79, ’83,

   Bartlesville, Oklahoma

Jones, Mindy, ’79,

   Fountain Hills, Arizona

Sanders, Samuel, ’79,

   Edmond, Oklahoma

Yandell, Donald, ’81,

   Fairfax, Oklahoma

James, Ernest, ’83,

   Lawton, Oklahoma

Mathis, Stacey, ’84,

   Durant, Oklahoma

Morris, Carol, ’85,

   Miami, Oklahoma

Boyd, Sandra, ’86,

   Okemah, Oklahoma

Ward, Michael, ’87,

   Davenport, Oklahoma

Olenberger, Jerriann, ’88, ’91,

   Stillwater, Oklahoma

Taylor, Susan, ’88,

   Morrison, Oklahoma

Blanchard, Cary, ’91,

   Oklahoma City

Lehman, Deb, ’91, ’94,

   Copan, Oklahoma

Rowlan, Alan, ’91,

   Oklahoma City

Moore, Steven, ’92,

   Enid, Oklahoma

Skidmore, Phyllis, ’93, ’95,

   Prague, Oklahoma

Yardley, Randall, ’93,

   Bartlesville, Oklahoma

Caldwell, Christopher, ’96,

   Colonial Heights, Virginia

Neal, Thomas, ’96,

   Laredo, Texas

Lazenby, Jennifer, ’97,

   Glencoe, Oklahoma

McCune, Amber, ’01,

   Tonkawa, Oklahoma

Benefield, Jeffrey, ’03,

   Choctaw, Oklahoma

Sonobe, Nathan, ’06,

   Littleton, Colorado

Ward, Kristen, ’12, ’16,

   Alexandria, Virginia





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Published by STATE Magazine Editor Elizabeth Keys, Winter 2016, Volume 12, Number 2

Uploaded on December 1, 2016