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OSU Center for Health Sciences Launches White Coat Society

White Coat Society

OSU Center for Health Sciences launches program to honor donors

The physician’s white coat is an evocative symbol in the medical community. They are presented to students as they begin medical school to symbolize their entrance into the profession.

“Physicians are commonly identified by the white coats they wear when visiting patients,” says Dr. Kayse Shrum, president of the OSU Center for Health Sciences. “It serves as a repository for information and a reminder of our commitment to the medical profession.”

The OSU Center for Health Sciences is giving donors the opportunity to be part of the white coat’s heritage by joining a new giving society at the Tulsa-based medical school. The White Coat Society has been established to honor those who have contributed to scholarships, programs

 and initiatives at OSU-CHS.

The university has received strong support for the new Rural Medical Track, which is training doctors to practice in rural Oklahoma by placing them in clinical rotations located outside the Tulsa and Oklahoma City metro areas throughout their four years of medical training. Operation Orange, OSU-CHS’ summer recruiting camps for high school students, has also received strong support. OSU-CHS students and leadership team members travel across the state to offer participants the experience of a day in the life of a medical student.

“We are thankful for the tremendous financial support we have received from our donors who have embraced our mission to recruit and train physicians for rural and underserved Oklahoma,” Shrum says. “Their contributions make it possible for us to reach every corner of the state through recruitment initiatives and medical partnerships. These efforts are helping us create a healthier future for all Oklahomans.”

White Coat Society donors are recognized at three levels based on their giving —Leaders, Champions or Physicians. Inaugural members of the White Coat Society are Suzanne and William K. Warren Jr.; Christa and Gabriel Pitman, D.O.; Beverly and Rick Schafer, D.O.; Lisa and Mark Snell, D.O.; and Mallory Spoor-Baker, D.O., and Damon Baker, D.O.

Those who join the White Coat Society are supporting OSU Center for Health Sciences’ efforts to improve the state’s health. Learn more by contacting the OSU Foundation in Tulsa at 918-594-8500 or