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There continues to be a shortage of doctors who choose to practice in Oklahoma after graduating from medical school.
Since Oklahoma State University founded the Medical Cowboys program in 2007, neurosurgeon Barry Pollard and almost 300 OSU alumni have teamed up to raise $2.9 million in gifts for scholarships to encourage current pre-med students to fulfill their dreams of working in the medical field.
Nonprofit City Year has partnered with Oklahoma State University to offer scholarships for City Year alumni hoping to obtain graduate degrees.
For more than a century, Oklahoma State University
Oklahoma State University's Veterans Entrepreneurship Program is dedicated to empowering American military veterans through helping them develop their ideas to create solid entrepreneurial career paths. 
On  Dec. 5, 2014, NASA conducted the first test flight for the Orion Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle, a spacecraft ultimately destined for the moon.  Two Oklahoma State University alumni, Razvan and Ramona Gaza, contributed to the creation and execution of Orion's first departure into space.
Students hoping to achieve success in the field of multimedia journalism need look no further.
National Public Radio headquarters in Washington, D.C. features KOSU, Oklahoma State University's public radio station.
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