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Oklahoma State University

Moving On Up

Spring at Oklahoma State University

Top rankings recognize quality and value of OSU programs


Breakthrough produces better peanut

Peanut Field

Breakthrough produces better nut

USDA researchers partner with OSU to develop a Spanish peanut that's good for heart health

Story by Faith Kelley

New Veterinary Facility Opens at OSU

Gaylord Tour of Vet Med Equine Center

Gaylord Center for Excellence in Equine Health Opens at Veterinary Medical Hospital

Multipurpose facility enhances care of horses from birth to retirement

Story by Derinda Blakeney

Oral History: O-State Stories

Oral history of the Student Union's mission.


Road Less Traveled


Native American freshmen choose an entomology adventure

By Beth Theis

The Roof of Africa

Mount Kilimanjaro illustration

My story changed on a mountaintop

By Nora Foster


Ruling the Rodeo

OSU junior makes royalty dreams come true as Miss Rodeo Oklahoma 2018

By Beth Theis

Hurricane Harvey Relief

Caroline Reed is the assistant director of Fire Service Training at Oklahoma State University. (PHOTO / GARY LAWSON)


Hurricane Harvey's devastation stuns Oklahoma aid team leader

Influential Figures

These eight women have been tremendous influences on Oklahoma State University over the past 10 years. This representation of the many influential figures helping the university includes Anne Greenwood, Kayse Shrum, Ann Hargis, Pamela Fry, Susan Jacques, Amy Mitchell, Natalie Shirley and Helen Hodges.


By Jacob Longan

Bear Research in Oklahoma

OSU researchers investigate rising black bear population in Oklahoma 
By Sean Hubbard