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Kyle Wray

STATEment Trio Letter Fall 2016


Welcome Plaza

A New Gateway

OSU creates a Welcome Plaza to greet new students, families and alumni

By Amanda O'Toole Mason

Essay: Support for Higher Education is the Answer

Dividends Come After the Investment is Made

Supporting higher education is a vote for future economic success

By Kyle Wray, OSU Vice President of Enrollment Management and Marketing

STATEment Trio Letter Spring 2016

STATEment Trio Letter Winter 2015

STATEment Trio Letter Fall 2015

Dear OSU Alumni and Friends, 

STATEment Trio Letter Spring 2015

Dear OSU Alumni and Friends,

Although high school graduation brings an end to childhood school days, commencement means a new beginning. It’s not too late to start a bright future at Oklahoma State University.  Encourage prospective students you know to enroll at OSU.